Martial Arts Sports Coaching Melbourne

We can assist you in Achieving your Martial Arts Sports Coaching Qualifications

Want to become
a Martial
Arts Instructor?

If you are already a
martial arts teacher,
this qualification
is for you!

Formalise your Martial Arts experience with a qualification in
Sports Coaching.

The Martial Arts Industry is one of the fastest growing Industries in the World, Today!
Give yourself a competitive edge with a Nationally Recognized qualification designed especially for the Martial Arts Industry.

Martial Arts Sports Coaching provides the necessary Martial skills and Industry Standard knowledge for an individual wanting to undertake a career as a Martial Arts Instructor / Coach.

Martial Arts Sports Coaching in Melbourne offers sports coaching courses designed for persons whom are looking to consolidate careers as professional teachers in the martial arts industry.

Training is delivered via online tutorials and in house martial arts instruction.

Martial Arts Sports Coaching in Melbourne offers the ideal courses for the individual wanting to join the sports and recreation industry, specializing in Martial Arts.

Garry Baniecki and Linda Baniecki are Industry Leaders with over 50 years of Martial Arts experience between them. Garry and Linda will assist you in achieving your Government Accredited Martial Arts Sports Coaching Qualification.


Government subsidies are available for

Australian citizen
* Permanent residence
* NZ Passport Holders

 Ring Garry 03 94328579
Arrange an Interview and see if you are elligible for Government Subsidies.

Full time or Part time training courses available  

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